Underslung Crane

Under Slung Cranes runs on the lower flange of the crane runway which is mounted directly on the ceiling and achieves the greatest utilization of space possible.

In particular in the case of restricted production areas, this permits optimum utilization of the width of the room.Such Under Slung Crane cranes find applications where the head rooms available are limited or the process requirements cannot allow any other means of supporting the crane except from the roof.

Majority of Under slung Overhead cranes are in the capacity up to 10 MT. Underslung Crane is very similar to overhead traveling crane except for the fact that the end carriages are hung below the gantry girders made of I section. They can also be supplied with overhang (girder extending beyond crane span) on one side or both the sides as per the requirement of customer. Underslung cranes (single & Double girder types) of Lifting capacity ranging from 2 Ton to 25 Tons.

It is design & supply custom built Under Slung Cranes as per customer's requirement.

Underslung crane manufactured by santek equipments


  • Thermistor application in lifting motors.
  • Frequency inverter control system.
  • Sensors to stop Hoist and G traveling.
  • Enclosed Conducting System (Bus Bar).
  • Over-weight protection.
  • Remote Control.
  • Cable Reeling system

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